Getting around Naukri
What are Recommended Jobs?

Recommended jobs are those jobs that are the best-matched jobs based on your profile and your activity on the Naukri platform. This takes into account the type of jobs you are applying to, your professional details, your education details, your resume and the type of jobs people similar to you are applying to.

You can indicate your job preferences such as expected salary, desired industry and desired location in the ‘Job Preferences’ section of ‘Settings’ page. Based on these settings, you will see jobs in the Recommended Jobs section that meet your job preferences. Jobs that do not meet your job preferences but are among the Recommended Jobs will be hidden. You can view these hidden jobs without altering your job preferences.

What is Custom Job Alert? How to use them?

If you would like to see jobs that match a specific set of criteria such as industry, functional area, role, salary, experience and skills you can set a custom job alert for it. Custom job alerts are designed to show you jobs that you want to see and they are not based on your profile details. Custom job alerts are helpful when–

  1. You are not seeing relevant jobs in Recommended Jobs
  2. You want to search for a job that is different from your current domain. For example, you are working as an engineer but you are looking for marketing jobs.
  3. You are searching for jobs for your relative or friend. You can share jobs shown in Custom Job Alert with anyone.

There are different ways to create custom job alerts:

  1. You can create a Custom Job Alert by specifying criteria such as industry, functional area, role, and location.
  2. You can also choose to be notified of jobs matching a search result by clicking on “Set As Alert” after conducting a search on Naukri. You can set very specific criteria using the search filters and get only those jobs that match these criteria.
  3. If you find a job in the search result that you think is interesting, you can also ask to get alerted on similar jobs by clicking the “Send me jobs like this” link in the job description.

Read more about How to use custom job alerts here

What are recruiter messages on Naukri?

There are three ways to find a job on Naukri –

  1. Recruiter has posted a job on Naukri. You apply to this job. Recruiter sees your application. If the recruiter likes your profile, they will call, email or send a chat message to schedule an interview.
  2. Recruiter has not posted a job but she searches directly through the profiles on Naukri. Your profile appears in the search. Recruiter goes through your profile. If she likes it, she will call, email or send you a chat message to tell you about the job and schedule an interview.
  3. Recruiter finds a set of profiles on Naukri that are suitable for a job for which they are hiring. The recruiter sends a job to all these jobseekers in bulk. If you are interested, you can apply to the job.

The Recruiter Messages section in Naukri shows all the communication you receive from recruiters. This would include the jobs and chat messages sent by recruiters directly to you. Note that recruiter has shared these jobs and chat messages privately and they are not known to all jobseekers.

What is Profile Performance on Naukri?

In the Profile Performance section, you will get information about how your profile is performing on Naukri. You can see how many times recruiters viewed your profile and who these recruiters were. You can see which recruiters downloaded your resume. We also display which recruiters viewed your contact details.

To access profile performance,

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to My Naukri in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click on Profile Performance
  4. You can see a list of recruiters with actions taken against your profile, such as -
    • Naukri Profile Viewed: Recruiter searched & viewed your complete Naukri profile
    • Resume Downloaded: Your Resume was downloaded by recruiter
    • Contacted by Email: Recruiter sent you an email
    • Resume Viewed: Recruiter downloaded & viewed your Resume
    • Contact Viewed: Recruiter viewed your contact details
  5. On the right, you can also see the search terms for which recruiters found your profile on Naukri database. This would give you an idea about which of your skills are in demand and whether you need to make changes in your profile accordingly. For example, you can update your key skills section with the latest skills that you have acquired which would be more appropriate for the jobs to which you are applying.

On Android and Mobile Web Browser

  1. Login to your account
  2. In your dashboard, you can see a widget above Recommended Jobs that shows number of profile views. Tap this widget to see your profile performance.
What is Naukri database or Naukri CV database?
  1. It is a repository of profiles of all the candidates who are registered with Naukri.
  2. A profile contains data filled and CV uploaded during registration or profile update
  3. Candidate can register on Naukri through any platform (desktop website, mobile website, Android app or iOS app) to make their profile part of it

Benefit: More than 50% of hiring on Naukri happens through the database. If a candidate's profile is part of it, he/she may get contacted by employers even without applying to any job. It is important to update your profile regularly, as recruiters are more likely to view recently updated profiles

Your profile will be displayed like this in the search result when a recruiter search for candidates -

If the recruiter clicks on your profile, they will see a more detailed profile like this –

Why are there no views for my Profile? or Why have employers not viewed my CV?

Viewing your profile in Naukri database and viewing your application against a job are two different things.

Profile views reported in your ‘Profile Performance’ section represent the number of times your profile was viewed by recruiters while searching through Naukri Database. This does not include the number of times your application was viewed for the jobs you applied to.

Recruiters tend to search for recently updated profiles as this indicates to them that the person is active on the platform and is most likely to respond to an interview call. If you are getting less number of views on your profile, make sure to update your profile with all the details including your latest work experience, key skills, education, certifications, etc. This will increase the chances of your profile being viewed by recruiters.

As far as job applications are concerned, you can track their progress via Application Status feature on desktop or Applied Jobs on mobile.

What is Naukri Premium?

If your education details show that you have studied in a top tier institute in the country, your Naukri profile will be shown as a Naukri Premium profile to the recruiters. These top tier institutes are not limited to only IITs and IIMs

What are Job Preferences?

Job Preferences help you to get more relevant job recommendations. By specifying your desired locations, desired industries and expected salary, you will receive only those jobs as recommendations that meet the specified criteria. You can access this section from the Settings page.