About Metahelix

Metahelix is an agricultural biotechnology company focusing on developing traits and technologies for crop protection & improved productivity. Metahelix leverages its expertise in crop genetics and plant biotechnology to develop high performance hybrid seeds in rice, maize, cotton and millets for Indian markets with transgenic traits for insect, viral and fungal protection traits. Hybrid Seeds and traits are commercialized by its wholly owned subsidiary seeds business Dhaanya Seeds.

Metahelix has three distinct functional groups that work in tandem to meet the overall organizational goals – Crop Breeding, Trait Development and Regulatory Sciences. Our core crops among the field crops are Rice, Maize, Cotton and Millets and among the vegetable crops are tomato, hot-pepper and okra where we have strong programs in crop breeding and trait development.

About Dhaanya Seeds

Dhaanya Seeds Limited is a technology driven, hybrid seeds business serving farmers across India with differentiated and value added seeds in a range of field crops – Cotton, Rice, Maize and Pearl Millet and vegetable crops – Tomato, Okra and Chili. Dhaanya Seeds produces and markets proprietary research hybrids developed by the parent company, Metahelix Life Sciences. Metahelix leverages its expertise in crop genetics and plant biotechnology to develop high performance hybrid seeds for Indian markets with improved yield, agronomic traits and better crop protection from insects and diseases.

Dhaanya's fast success in the market place and acceptance of its products is a result of the focused approach to develop products based on customer requirements in different growing conditions and the ability to successfully reach the customers on time with the quality tested products and effective support, post sales. Dhaanya introduces new and novel hybrids for each market in India after a systematic and objective evaluation of the hybrids in farmer field conditions.

Life at Metahelix & Dhaanya

Metahelix and Dhaanya are young entrepreneurial companies where growth possibilities are unlimited. Metahelix & Dhaanya are driven by innovative research and development, thorough and extensive product adaptation testing and an aggressive promotion drive to the markets for products that clearly provide high value to the customers. At Metahelix and Dhaanya, we encourage you to think differently, challenge the conventional and innovate. People at Metahelix & Dhaanya from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives you an opportunity to learn and expand your horizons. We welcome you aboard!

Our organizational values are:

  • Strive to create an environment that facilitates and stimulates individual enterprise, creativity, innovation and growth
  • Build a "Learning Organization" which believes in continuous education that allows its employees to learn and grow in the process
  • Strive for total quality, innovation and achieving results through teamwork
  • Create a collegial atmospehere based on openeness and free communication
  • A strong social commitment to bridge the technology divide by developing and delivering sustainable solutions across the entire spectrum
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