Are you a woman on a career break or currently not working, but would like to be a part of the IT Industry?
Do you want to upskill and update your technical knowledge in the field of Cloud Computing & Virtualization?
Is restarting your technology career
one of your goals in 2020?

What is VMinclusion Taara?

VMware Presents VMinclusion Taara, an upskilling program for women who are currently not working or on a career break - This program is Absolutely FREE of COST!

VMware, in association with Women Who Code, launched VMinclusion Taara, a unique return to work program to upskill women who are not working or on a career break to become VMware Certified Professionals. We would like to help women, return to the workforce armed with the skills and confidence that they need to begin the second phase of their professional journey.

Here’s all you need to know about VMinclusion Taara !!

If you are an Indian woman who had to drop out of the workforce or never had a chance to start a career & are wondering how to restart your dormant IT career, then VMinclusion Taara is for you!

Restart your career with new technology skills and refreshed confidence. This one of a kind return to work program developed by VMware aims to upskill 15,000 women in India over the next two years by providing women with free technical education & certification on VMware products & technology!

Who is Eligible for VMinclusion Taara?
  • Any woman, who is a citizen of India and residing in the territorial jurisdiction of India.
  • The person should not be contractually employed for at least 6 months with any organization.
  • It will be good to have some experience or education in the field of Information Technology (IT). However, this is not a limiting criterion for a woman who wants to learn more and build a new career in IT.

If the person you know, meets the eligibility criteria (as stated above), please ask them to register, activate their account and start learning today as all the content is self-paced (online). The website is


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We believe that behind every successful woman, there is a man supporting and encouraging her to reach for the stars. So, men, if you know a woman who is looking to restart her career after a break or is currently not working, do guide them to VMinclusion Taara. However, if you are looking for opportunities within VMware India then check out open positions via the tab below.