Fake job alert!
How can you determine if a job offer is scam?
No experience required Be cautious of the ads that say “anyone can do the job!”
On the spot hiring/tele interview Reliable companies conduct thorough research to analyse their potential employee before issuing an offer letter
Demands you to pay money NEVER PAY MONEY TO GET A JOB!!!
No legitimate company will ever ask you to pay for the job!
Salary beyond expectations Spammers often lure desperate job seekers with high salary packages!
You are asked to reveal personal information/ bank details Please do not share personal information or credit card/ debit card number, OTP, CVV number.
Poorly written job ads Poor writing skills, incorrect grammar and unclear job descriptions bespeak a dubious job offer
Personal email accounts Genuine companies always display their web presence. In case of consultants, apply due diligence for whom they are hiring
No knowledge about the hiring company and job role Be alert! Legitimate companies do have some web presence and require at least some qualification and skill for all job roles
How Scamster Trick
Gullible job seekers
The trap begins the moment a candidate is convinced to pay for the registration, which is usually a small amount.
How to protect yourself ?
Know the signs of a Job Scam
  • Job with a lucrative salary requiring minimum experience
  • Job is the “Best fit for all”
  • Job is across multiple locations
  • Poorly written job description
  • Confirmed/immediate job offer without interview
  • Jobs involving reputed company names with public email domains
  • Little to no web presence
  • Pay money to get the job
  • Ask for credit Card/ debit card details/ CVV/ OTP
  • Registration charges
  • No job description
  • No experience or skill required
  • No interview
  • No web presence
  • Job or offer letter without interview for which you are asked to pay
  • Do not share personal information
  • Do not share credit/debit card details, CVV number, OTP
  • Do not disburse any payment
  • Conduct thorough research of the company
  • Check online reviews
  • Please do not provide your credit card or debit card details, bank information, CVV number or OTP number over phone, email or on their website. Before your respond to any email/ call, we suggest you to do a discreet enquiry and be sure to verify the authenticity of the person with whom you are interacting. You can also write to us at compliance@naukri.com
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