About Us

GrapeCity has been in the software business for over 30 years. Our corporate headquarters are located in Sendai, Japan, with operations spanning throughout the United States and Asia. As a privately held corporation with an annual turnover of over 100 million dollars, we are consistently profitable, employing more than 1200 employees worldwide. We have a reputation for being highly ethical, reliable and have a track record for quickly turning innovative ideas for software solutions into highly successful products. Our streamlined approach helps our clients conserve capital while reducing time to market.

GrapeCity has been part of the Microsoft Early Adopter Partnership since the early 1980s and we are both a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Preferred Solution Provider. Our close relationship with Microsoft gives us the experience and insight to fully leverage Microsoft's .NET and Office frameworks in order to create optimal solutions for our clients-solutions that are cutting edge, highly reliable, and maintainable.

Our developers in our Technology centres at China, Vietnam, Russia and USA have more than 10 years of experience in component development, working with leading Microsoft technologies and Java. They have developed many of the Software components that we sell in Japan, as well as components we sell on a worldwide basis.
GrapeCity provides customers with premier developer tools and components for building sophisticated user interface, reporting, spread sheet, and data visualization solutions. GrapeCity products spans across Visual studio platforms including WinForms, WPF, WinRT, ASP.Net and even Active X, JavaScripts controls, Cross-Platform mobile controls on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, .Net reporting and Enterprise grade .Net Spreadsheet components

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Role Specific Responsibilities

  • Provide accurate, thorough and timely support to technical community of developers evaluating or using our varied range of products on latest Microsoft technologies .NET / ASP.NET /ASP.NET MVC/ XAML/JQuery etc.
  • Provide internal technical support to GrapeCity Sales and Support team in different country regions
  • Have good product and technology knowledge to understand and provide technical solutions for product's queries of developers
  • Developing content for technical community (write Technical blogs, Knowledge base articles etc.)
  • Create sample projects demonstrating the functionality of GrapeCity products to help Customers, Sales and Documentation team.
  • Beta testing of GrapeCity products/features and product documentation towards release

Essential Skills / Qualification

  • MCA/B-tech (IT/CS) with 60% or above throughout academic
  • Good Verbal and Written Communication skills in English
  • Good Analytical and Logical skills.
  • Good knowledge of at least one programming language and ability to code
  • Excellent trouble shooting and problem solving attitude
  • Should have nag of understanding the customer's requirement and problem

Desired Skills

  • Strong programming skills including familiarity with MS development technologies (.NET/ASP.NET/JavaScript.)
  • Excellent Customer Service skills
  • Out-of-box thinking and keenness to learn new products/technologies

Training Details

Before appointment all the selected students would undergo a training program as mentioned below:

Period: 3 Months

Training period is 'self-study' scheduled program (not a class-room coaching though), which is guided under a technical mentor (1-1 training program). The trainees are provided with training topics, sessions and assignments to learn on technical language, products, process and work. There are daily/weekly reviews of to evaluate the progress by mentors and/or evaluation group. The objective of this training program is to see if the trainees can learn and build skills in limited and closed environment and apply their knowledge to solve unfamiliar problems related to areas they underwent training.

On the successful completion of the training program, trainees are appointed as "Associate Software Engineer" on the basis of the skills they develop during their training program.