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HCLT is redefining workplace by introducing unique employee-focused programs. These programs are based on the Employees First, Customers Second philosophy that inverted conventional management wisdom and placed the needs of employees before that of customers. The EFCS philosophy is founded on the belief that happy and passionate employees offer better value in engagements and directly impact customer satisfaction. It can bring about a sea-change at the company level, and in turn, greater customer loyalty, better engagements and growth. The underlying tenet of the program was that organizations need to "put the human back in business.“

They are part of our overall vision and direction; the key drivers of our sustenance and growth. By making HCLites the first priority and empowering them as partners and participants in the company's success, it catalyzes them to take ownership and become responsible for value creation and change, thereby transforming the business to benefit all stakeholders, including customers and shareholders.

We urge HCLites to create a change in the organization, bring about a revolution and create an eco system that exudes brilliance and superiority in everything they do.



Employee Testimonial

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